Emphasis on Cost Management and Meeting Targets
Set Wage Budgets (for the whole store or for individual Departments)
Monitor the Rostering Managers to ensure they plan a roster which is under Budget
Easily review and trim excess costs via the intuitive Visual Roster interface, with real-time Wage Calculation
Keep track of your Actual Wage spend in real-time throughout the week
Allows proactive adjustments to Rosters if necessary (e.g. send staff home early, reduce number of staff on Thursday etc)
Compare Budget vs Roster vs Actual costs - Identify what changed between the Rostered times and the Actual clock-in times - Identify why and how much this has cost
Track your Sales vs Targets
You can also set targets for Dollar Sales and Gross Profit (GP) Percentage
BuRPS tracks your Actual Sales and GP against your targets so you can instantly see how you are performing
BuRPS also reports Wages as a Percentage of Sales, and can import the actual Sales Data overnight from your Retail management software.
Smart Budgeting - More consistency, More control of costs
Wage Budgets are set as a Percentage of Sales or a fixed Dollar amount
BuRPS automatically allocates contingency for On-Costs (Superannuation, Payroll Tax, Leave, Workcover etc)
Rostering Managers are then given a Budget for their Raw/Direct Wage Costs (the amount they are allowed to spend on wages for people who are actually working, not including Leave, Super or Tax)
This enables accurate and consistent reporting week-to-week - just check "How much does it cost to get the work done" (BuRPS allocates contingency for everything else).
Wage Costs don't fluctuate because of Leave being taken -Leave Costs are not included in the Wages vs Budget comparison
Managers are accountable for their roster - Leave costs cannot be used as an excuse to be over budget