BuRPS Payroll Interface
BuRPS interfaces with your current payroll system (MYOB, Attache, Quickbooks etc)
Payroll data is sent electronically at the push of a button
Tells the Payroll system how many hours to pay at each Penalty Rate, and which Allowances are to be paid
Removes the possibility of manual re-keying errors and saves valuable time
Award Interpretation
BuRPS is flexible enough to cater for all Awards, Collective Agreements and Contracts
BuRPS automatically calculates all Penalty Rates and Allowances to be paid
Any changes to Agreements, Penalty Rate Rules and Hourly $ Pay Rates can be entered in-advance. BuRPS will then start applying them for Rosters and Payroll costs on the date they come into effect
Changes for individual staff (e.g. moving from Casual to Full-Time, change of pay rate due to a Promotion etc) can also be entered in advance.
BuRPS also automatically adjusts Pay Rates for Birthdays and for finishing of a Probation period