Staff Portal Overview
The BuRPS Staff Portal allows employees to Login to a website and make Requests for Leave, Update their Availability, and Update their Contact Details. These 'Requests' are 'Approved' by a Manager, and the changes then automatically flow-through to the main BuRPS system.
No more manual entry of Leave or Availability into BuRPS or Payroll systems
Removes the need for Paper Forms that need to be filed and can be lost
Electronic Record Keeping - keeps History of all requests and approvals
Improved communication with Employees: they get Rosters online, and you can setup a Message to all staff
Employee information is more up-to-date: they update their own contact details
Automated Reminders sent to employees every 6 months, asking them to update their details
Employees can:
   - Request Time Off (including Casuals if you require it)
   - Update Availability (One-Week and Regular Availability for All-Weeks)
   - Update their Contact Details
   - Update Emergency / Medical Details
   - View their latest Rosters online
   - Submit Pay Queries (if they think their pay is incorrect)

Advance Notice of Leave: The Staff Portal can be configured so that Leave Requests and Availability Updates must be submitted a certain number of days in advance (e.g. 14 days in advance)
Approval Of Requests
   - Once a 'Request' is submitted, the Portal can send an email to the Approving Manager (e.g. Store Mgr)
   - 'Requests' ready for Approval are also shown on the main BuRPS Login Screen
   - Manager views the details, and decides whether to Approve or Reject the request
   - Once approved, BuRPS is updated automatically
      (e.g. Leave is added to the Rosters, Phone numbers updated in Staff Setup etc)
   - Employee is notified via Email as to whether the Request was Approved or Rejected