Visual Rosters
Easy to produce for each department or the entire store - just click and drag!
See how much wages are costing as you add shifts
See at a glance where you can trim rostered hours
Easy to ensure that break times are staggered
At a glance make sure you have adequate coverage for opening/closing
Set Availability in Advance for Annual Leave, Sick Leave, Casual Students
Colour coded and easy to read
Manage the Entire store on one screen and see how many staff are on duty
Copy rosters from previous weeks or years
Department can be broken down into individual tasks eg. Grocery Nightfill, Individual Registers
Clearly shows noon and store Opening/Closing Times
Publish The Rosters
Print Rosters to be displayed on the wall
Send out Rosters via Email and SMS
Staff must repond 'ok' to confirm that they have received and agree to their Roster
This ensures accountability - staff take ownership of their roster
Send out roster changes via Email and SMS so staff always have the latest updates
Broadcast Shift Requests - if you need additional staff to fill-in or cover for absences, send out a broadcast SMS to available staff. Collect 'ok' responses and choose from the staff who have replied.