Staff Management
Leave and Attendance
Annual Leave Planner for the whole store (Graphical Calendar display) : As leave requests are received, use this to check who else is on leave. Input leave in advance so that it automatically appears on Rosters.
Track Attendance (Staff arriving late, going home early etc) : Identify repeat offenders, identify patterns on a graphical calendar display (e.g. someone who always calls in sick on Mondays)
Track No-Shows & Staff who Call-in sick : identify repeat offenders, for both Permanent and Casual Staff. Easy to identify patterns from the graphical calendar display. Use the data for performance reviews.
Leave Accruals / Entitlements : Identify staff with Annual Leave Entitlements that need to be taken. Track Time-in-Lieu accrued / taken
HR Reports / Performance Reviews
Emergency Contact / Medical Details Stored electronically, all Staff Information in one place. Easy to access in case of Emergency
Easily Generate your own Staff Reports (e.g. Lists of phone numbers, Pay Rates, Dates of Birth etc)
Leave Tracking : Calendar View for each staff member of when leave has been taken
Reminders for Birthdays, End Of Probation Period (Probation Reviews due), Staff taking Leave