Strategic Reporting
Management Reports
Day-by-Day Report: showing actual spend so far this week. Use this to proactively respond to overspend to bring the week total back under budget.
Wage Cost Reports : check Roster vs Payroll vs Budget
Report Wages as a Percentage of Sales or Dollar Amounts
Automatically adjusts Wage Budgets based on Actual Sales (e.g. more Sales = more Wage Budget) to give a more accurate Budget figure
Leave Liability and Entitlements : BuRPS highlights staff who have too much leave entitlement so that you can plan Leave to be taken rather than building-up a large leave liability.
Long-term reporting : Weekly or Monthly figures, including Year-to-Date running percentages. Reporting by Calendar Month and Quarterly figures
Customisable Graphing Module
Generate Graphs of Wage Costs vs Budgets : show your managers where they are overspending on Wages
Compare Dept-by-Dept and identify which departments are under-performing
Graphs of Percentage of Sales or Wage Dollars
Graph of Projected Totals for the week : generated part-way through the week. Use these to identify potential overspend and react.
Graphs of Sales and GP from imported Sales data