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About BuRPS

BuRPS was originally developed back in 2006... Still growing. Still kicking goals!

History (in brief)

From the good old days to now

The first version of BuRPS (Budgeting Rostering Payroll Software) was developed in 2006 in response to a requirement from the Grocery Retail sector. It proved to be very successful. However, as our client base increased, it became apparent that there were intrinsic limitations with the initial design. It took several years to redesign and redevelop BuRPS using modern technology and frameworks. Great consideration was given to the design of the interface ensuring that the user experience was simple and easy to use. Once completed in 2010, our existing clients were moved to the new product and enjoyed all of the enhancements and additional functionality which the new BuRPS provided.

As the company evolved, it has become clear that the demand for BuRPS resulted in the software becoming the primary product focus for YTT Solutions. All clients have been impressed by its ability to help them manage and operate their businesses.

BuRPS is now in over 250 sites throughout Australia. We have acquired years of experience in the implementation of large projects involving the successful deployment and implementation of the software in single or across multiple geographically distributed sites.

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A professional Aussie team

We remain a small, professional and dedicated team which enables us to work closely with our clients and build strong relationships with them; it also enables us to consider their requirements and feedback and be able to respond very quickly to meet their needs. It also allows us to offer the product at very competitive prices while maintaining a prompt and extremely high standard in our level of support.

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Our mission

To provide a quality product that makes it easier for Australian business owners from all backgrounds save time and money managing their business.

BuRPS is an indispensable business partner.

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