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Time and Attendance

Keep your finger on the pulse with accurate face recognition or fingerprint scanning technology.

Fingerprint Scanning

Record staff hours with accuracy

Reliable and accurate fingerprint scanning technology is used for staff to clock in/out for their shifts. This method of tracking staff members' attendance eliminates the possibility for staff to clock in/out for a friend (buddy punching), while ensuring that staff are on-time or not leaving early.

When an employee clocks in/out for a shift, the fingerprint scanner sends the new clock event to BuRPS. This happens almost instantly. So even if you have a power outage, you can rest easy knowing that all the clock events will be stored safely either on the clock in device, in BuRPS or both!

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Fingerprint scanning
Produce Accurate Exceptions

Compare clock events with rostered times

Once the clock times are imported into the BuRPS, you can then compare the clock events with your rostered times. The differences between the rostered times and the actual clock events are called Exceptions.

Managers can handle each event and leave comments to explain the differences and authorise additional time worked. This ensures there is an electronic record of authorisation and explanation for extra hours to be paid. BuRPS stores a complete history so that payroll queries can be dealt with months after the event and an audit trail is provided.

The Store Manager can review all comments and authorisations for the entire week.

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Process exceptions
Track and Log Events

Review each staff member's profile

A full history of each staff member's timekeeping and non-attendance are tracked, recorded and securely associated with their personal profile. When delivering performance reviews, you will be able to do so fairly with supporting evidence.

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Track and log times

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