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Budgeting and Reporting

Set Targets for Sales & Wages. Check your projected End-of-Week position and react to any overspend.

Create Targets and Set Budgets

Forecast your entire year

Accurately control and organise your entire year in advance. Predict your end-of-week position and react quickly to lower sales across each department and location.

Quickly set your budgets from previous years sales patterns. Create an accurate wage budget for all departments and see where you are over, or underspending.

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Create targets
Consolidated Reports across all KPIs

Centralise all your reports and manage your business on one screen

Tracking your business KPIs can get complicated and messy... especially if you own a large store, business or organisation. BuRPS solves this problem with it's built-in sales & gross profit reporting tool which allows you to accurately analyse how much profit you are making for every dollar in sales you make.

The reporting also measures customer count, item count, average basket size, markdowns and also shrink. This gives you a complete, holistic view of your business all in one place.

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Set budgets
Control Your Wage Spend

Accurately manage your wage spend with sales data

Managing your wage spend has never been easier. BuRPS pulls in sales data from your POS every night. This will allow you to set precise wage budgets off your sales patterns for any 15 minute period of the day.

Monitor sales and wage spend throughout the week. Predict your end of week position and react quickly to higher wages and lower sales. Check department overspend and investigate attendance in real-time.

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Control wage spend

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