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Employee Rostering

BuRPS is Australia's best rostering software.
Unique Visual roster helps optimise staff and reduce costs.

Visual Roster

Create the perfect roster

Key Benefits

Visual Roster

See how much wages are costing as you add shifts

The BuRPS visual roster is one of Australia's most powerful rostering tools.

The software allows you to organise staff more effectively and cut wage costs helping you get on with those important things in your day-to-day you never had time for.

As you draw in shifts you will see in real time exactly how much your wages costs are for that particular day, then compare your total wages cost for the week with your budget. If your wages are highlighted in red, you are over budget!

Swap shifts around, explore and experiment with different staff until you've built a roster you're proud of.

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Visual roster
Effective Resource Utilisation

Plan your roster based on sales patterns

BuRPS imports sales overnight. By applying a complex, proprietary algorithm, it measures sales patterns throughout the day and predicts the staffing level required at certain times of the day. This enables you to effectively deploy your staff where they are needed, when they are needed most! This provides prompt, excellent service for your customers and makes for the most efficient use of your resources.

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Sales graph
Go Paper Free

Send rosters off to all staff via email, text message or both

BuRPS allows you to create, store and send all of your paperwork communication to staff with a click of a button, so you will never need to use the printer again.

We give you the ability to send rosters via email, text message or both, so there is no more excuse for not showing-up! Roster changes are automatically re-sent each night.

Reducing or eliminating the amount of paper and ink we use saves costs and also reduces the carbon footprint our business leaves behind.

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Go paper free
Compatible with your payroll software

Employee rostering and budgeting software that easily integrates with your existing payroll software

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