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Award Interpretation

Keep up to date with ever-changing Australian Awards. We keep you compliant with award changes and payrate increases.

Interprets Australian Award

Compliant with the Modern Australian Award

The Australian Award is complicated and knowing what to pay your staff can be a real challenge. With BuRPS you wont have to worry about this. BuRPS automatically calculates all penalty rates and allowances to be paid, making sure you are staying above board.

BuRPS is flexible enough to cater for all awards, collective agreements and contracts.

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Award interpretation
Adjusts Pay Rates

Automatically adjusts pay rates for birthdays and for finishing a probation period

Keeping up-to-date with all of your employee birthdays, promotions and probation period start and end dates can get tricky, especially if you run a big store. BuRPS takes this headache away by allowing you to make any changes in advance. Once set, the software automatically adjusts the pay rates for you.

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