What is BuRPS?
BuRPS is a web-based Budgeting, Rostering, Payroll system complete with Time and Attendance Functionality. This intuitive, web-based interface, built on the latest industry standard technology platform makes it easy to use for staff at any skill level.

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Easy Rostering with Visual Rostering Tool
Allows intuitive visualisation of staff levels and optimal use of resources.
Eliminates Time theft by using Fingerprints to clock-in and clock-out
Promotes control and accountability within an organisation through real-time strategic reporting and transparency of staff movements and costs.
Manage Wage Costs
Set Sales Targets and Wage Budgets as a Percentage of Sales
Produce Rosters to Budget, with Wage Costs calculated in real-time
Additional Hours are recorded by Fingerprint but MUST be authorised
Tracks Actual Sales and Wages vs Sales mid-week, allowing managers to respond to lower sales / higher wages before the end of the week **
Streamlined Payroll
Significantly reduces the time taken to process payroll by importing payroll data directly into Attache/MYOB/ADP Payline etc ***
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Industry Sectors

BuRPS has been widely used in the Retail Industry for over 6 years and has been built around the requirements of real-life users. BuRPS ties Wage Cost % to Sales and automatically adjusts Wage Budget Forecasts based on Actual Sales, allowing you to
pro-actively manage your labour costs and keep wages under budget. BuRPS is extremely flexible and is ideally suited for use in a wide variety of industries.

What our clients are saying
"In business today, we must ensure everything is as simple and effective as possible. We have used BuRPS since it's inception. It has saved us tens of thousands of dollars in wages over the years! My managers all comment on how simple and relevant the system is to use. It is a great management tool! We would be lost without it!"
Rob Outridge, Outridges IGA Group
Cut Labour Costs
Plan your Wage Budgets in advance. Create Rosters knowing how much it will cost. Monitor Wage Costs in real time and react to potential overspend.
Trim Roster Hours
Interactive Visual Rostering Tool. Check coverage of staff and number of staff rostered, easily trim hours and costs. Send rosters and updates via SMS and email.
Streamline Payroll
Uses Fingerprint technology for clocking-in. Prevents buddy-punching and time theft. Tracks attendance, calculates penalty rates and interfaces with Payroll Systems.
Manage Your Staff
Enter Leave and Availability requests as they are approved. Track Leave and Sick Days. Identify repeated Late Arrivals and No-Shows. Monitor Annual Leave and Time-In-Lieu liability.